Shop Tour


A good view of my shelf o' planes. In fact, this wall is the biggest concentration of galootish handtools. I say "wall" but the observant among you might notice its actually plastic. The plastic lets the light from the laundry area in and contains the dust. If I had put up drywall or something the shop would have seemed more cramped, too, I'm sure. My big ol' #8C (jointer plane, Jeff) sits atop a project that didn't make it in time to picture day. I finished it while the film was being developed. It's a maple end table with turned legs. Lesson learned- always make extra turning blanks for when you ruin one of your table legs with an errant chisel cut. I like the band saw but this one is a bear to keep in tune. I still remember how surprised I was when I replaced the old blade with a sharp one. So it's supposed to CUT wood, not burn a line through it...