Shop Tour

I moved. I now have space for a much bigger shop but need to enclose it in studs and add appropriate shelving. The laundry area hates dust in my new house too. I'll keep these pictures up until the new shop is ready. The evil Tailed *l*ctr*c powered tools will be segregated into a small off shoot of the basement, so the galoot portion will seem more pure.

Here's a gloat. My house was built in the suburbs of Washington DC in 1952 and no one ever finished the basement besides adding outlets and oodles of lights. I'm very pleased.

Stay tuned...

And now pictures are available!

floor plan This is the floor plan for my shop. It's roughly 10' x 10'. The 'A' and 'B' are where I took the pictures from.

Main bench and tool bench.

Shelf 'O Planes.

Delta electron abusers.

Lathe and wood rack.

need a window

This is the only picture from position "A." The shop felt really comfortable after the tools reached a critical mass. It makes it seem more inviting.

On the wall behind the tool rack with wrenches above and below it is a picture of a hand. Or most of a hand. The middle finger was taken out by a router bit mounted in a radial arm saw collet. In fact that very same radial arm saw you see there. The saw and picture were evidence in a lawsuit versus the manufacturer. After the lawsuit was concluded nobody wanted the saw back so my father in law (an independent safety consultant) gave it to me. I look at the picture every time I turn the saw on so I continue to respect the machine. (I have no idea what the results of the trial were.) Either that or I just use some of the handsaws that rest on the saw's table. Gotta nice saw or two on order that didn't make the picture.