Tool Gloats


More planes! Where to start? Well that newish looking one at the top with Cherry handles is a Lie Nielson #164. It is a low angle plane. It's great for endgrain and it is smooth plane sized and handled. There are some woods that it excels at on the long grain as well.

The tiny one under the #164 is a Clifton #400. It's a narrow bullnose plane and can get right into dados and rabbets, almost right up to a stop. It can be purchased new from many sources.

Below the Tiny plane is a #10 1/2 on its side. It is a small bench rabbet plane.

On the left side is an early #49 match plane. It has a fence that swings around allowing me to cut the tongue on one board, swing the fence and cut the groove on another without any other adjustment.

At the very bottom is a very nice and useful plane. It is a #289. It is a skew rabbet plane. It may replace the #10 1/2 one day. Unlike the bench rabbet, this one has a fence and two spurs. The skewed blade makes cross grain work a joy.