Tool Gloats


Lot's o' stuff. At the very top is a Marsh miter clamp. That's just the part of the bench where it lives. The combination plane is a #46. There is a blade for it next to it. The blade is held at a skew to help cross grain work. Got a good price for it because there was only one blade, but Hoosier tools had a replacement set for me.

The other tools from left to right are:

  • This is a No. 5 Windsor Beader from the Kansas City Windsor Tool Works. It's a snazzy tool that is the ultimate in scratching out a molding. It similar to the Stanley #66 beader, only much sexier.
  • This is a Miller Falls #1 cigar style spoke shave. It's curved and allows me to get into tight inside radiuses that I could only get with a rasp before. New ones are made toady by the Kelly Tool works
  • The Merchant of Ashby also makes fine new tools. This is a layout knife for striking crisp fine shoulder line with more precision than a relatively fat pencil lead. A flat back allows me to slide it right along a straightedge.
  • This is an Ultimate style mortising gage. It's British and has a solid heft, due to the rosewood and plentiful brass. It's a great worker.
  • This tool gets a lot of work. It's a Yankee ratcheting screwdriver. #31. The biggest they made. I got an adapter to use Robertson and Phillip bits with it. It's faster than a cordless screwdriver, stronger, and the battery (me) lasts longer.