Tool Gloats

Bedrock 603

This is a poor picture of my smoothing plane. The made in England Stanley 1205 (#5) was not cutting the mustard for all my planing needs. Neither did the #7 jointer plane. Both were way too big and the modern plane was just plain crappy (Criminy, the handles are PLASTIC. Sacrilege.) I liked the small size of the #3 size planes over the wider #4 so I wasn't happy until I got the best #3 available for this the most important of planing tasks for the appearances of surfaces.

The best #3 is actually a Stanley Bedrock #603. The only thing better being a yuppie bastahd British infill plane. Bedrocks are the top of the line Stanley products, so of course they don't make 'em anymore. Thus they're a bit expensive. Infill planes can cost three times as much. If I were rich you'd be looking at a poor picture of my infill, instead of this very nice type 5 #603 I scored off of Carl Muhlhausen for a very nice price. I replaced the blade with a Hock iron. Those are thicker than the originals, so they vibrate less, and have better steel, so they hold a keener edge longer. It cuts effortless wispy thin shavings that you can read newsprint through.

At this point I must apologize for the shameless shilling that I've been doing. I hope it's not too offensive. It's just that I'm the overly enthusiastic type with my hobbies. And the tool gods HAVE favored me. I'm not receiving any compensation for the shilling and in many cases I may never need to do business with any of these benefactors again, these tools should outlast me. I'm not a collector so I'm not fishing for future discounts. Anyway, Carl would tease me if I approached him to get ANOTHER #603. Or a third. Or a ninth... These shills are for straight up types that treated me right. Most everybody I've come in contact with in oldtools have treated me pretty good. That's just the way they are. These shills are for educational purposes, only.