The Porch

Yes, the OLDTOOLS front porch. I'm talking about the best way to learn about antique tools... The OLDTOOLS listserv. I would be lost without the massive quantity of freely and friendly shared information available on the porch. It's like having a few hundred grandfathers (and a couple of crazy aunts) showing you how to do neat stuff down in their work shop. Just check it out. Browse awhile. You'll never be lonely as they post about 100 messages daily. If you like it, then read the FAQ and introduce yourself with a bio. Remember to play nice. Nice etiquette makes this listserv so pleasant. And stay away from my rocking chair in the corner. The one by the keg. I mean it.

Tool inventory.

Grievous insults.

Lore Backup

My resume.

Coming soon to this space... a tool inventory of my shop. It won't be complete. I got a lot of crap in here.

If you need to insult a Normite (An evil follower of Norm Abrahms, an abuser of electrons.), and you need to do it in a classy way that the victim would not understand, click here for assistance.