Project Gloats


My father is into sailboating so I gave him a barometer one year. It's designed to mounted on a bulkhead, but he wanted a stand to put in on when it wasn't on a boat. He commissioned me to make this simple stand. It's made out of spalted Sycamore. This is the third design incarnation of this stand. The first two were failures due to my ignorance of the workings of wood and working toward the inherent strengths of wood as opposed to cross grain inherent weaknesses. The most important thing is that I kept at it and eventually finished it.

An easy and quick project once you know what you are doing. The semi-circles are cut with a wing cutter in my drill press. Since then I have acquired two cutters for the same task using my hand brace. Much safer. Especially since I like to wear a suit and tie when operating the lathe or drill press. The extreme strangulation risk keeps me on my toes...