Project Gloats


This walking stick is made of cocobolo. What a monster to work or turn. The grain reversals are many and the tear out is bad. Because it is long, it whipped a bit on the lathe so the skew chisel is less affective. If you tighten the work down on the lathe you just bow the turning making the vibration worse. I had to sand some and I was properly worried about what the dust might do to my lungs. I wore a respirator and wet sanded with mineral oil. Still there is a bit of tear out.

What makes this really special is the hardware. If you look at the handle it is a shell casing from a twenty millimeter cannon round. The date on the casing is quite clear and is from 1944. The tip is an armor piercing steel shell. Same vintage. My grandfather brought them back form the war and intended to make a walking stick out of them himself using some walnut from the Black Forest. He never did, obviously and the wood blank is lost to time. The idea was not however, and now my 93 year old grandfather uses this came at his home in Florida.

The fit was easy. I turned the handle to close tolerances and it stays on with a friction fit. The tip was also nice enough to come with it's own mounting hole so it got a friction fit plus a small rivet through it made from a peened iron nail. (To keep it from flying off.) It's solid steel and I've warned my grandfather against the tip slipping and also damage floors. It leaves marks in concrete with little damage to itself. Imagine what it would do to your Pergo (tm) laminate flooring.