Project Gloats

Turned table.

Bookshelves, spindles.

Hatstand, End table.

Walking Stick.

Barometer Stand.

Rat Coffin.


Roy Underhill is responsible for this turned coffee table getting made for my mom last Christmas. He said it was a simple way to make a really nice piece of furniture. He was right. It's all sycamore with a nice figure on the quartersawn legs and top. The base is plainsawn with some bonus spalting. My conclusions: I need to get better with the sliding dovetails. I got a new oldtool to help me with this. There is a lot of grain reversal so tearout was a bear. I got a new oldtool to help me with this. Sycamore turns well as long as the details aren't too fine. It can be a bit crumbly. People comment on how much they like the turning. I think they're crazy. It doesn't look a thing like I intended, but every time my gouge slipped and I chewed a spiral in my work, my design changed by necessity as I fixed the error. I wonder how many masterpieces started that way? Michelangelo saying, "Oops. Dammit. Well I guess THIS feature of my sculpture of David is gonna be a little bit smaller NOW."

I also need to custom make my own spokeshave. The legs were tough, especially on the inside radii. I should have spent more time with them.

I finished this puppy with linseed oil and wipe on polyurethane.

Mom wants a larger top so I'll find out if I can tackle that tearout problem.