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Chris' Galoot Site

Yes, Galoot. A Galoot is an individual that works wood without the abuse of electrons. Hand tool cabinetry. It is a hobby. This page is a shameless and vain ego promotion but... whatcha gonna do. Another purpose of this page is to offer insight on my experience as a newbie and a little tiny bit of tool education.

To pay for this hobby, I've turned away from brewing professionally (Yes, beer!) and now work at a data warehousing place. I fit right in with fellow galoots, as most work in the computer field in some capacity. Anyhoo, this is where I work now.

It all started innocently enough. I inherited a tool or two, bought a couple of handyman Taiwanese handtools, an electric tool or two from Sears and set up a small corner of the basement. From that spot I could stage for repairs to plumbing fixtures and hang a picture or two. When a bookshelf was required, well no sweat. I'll just fire up the router... Boy that's a lot of plywood sawdust settling on that clean laundry. I bet a handtool wouldn't make that much dust. Using a curious mind and a healthy inquiry and I found Roy on PBS. Neat! He appealed to the HISTORY major in me. Then I found the ubiquitous Electronic Neanderthal and I was well on my way down the slippery slope into Galootism. That's OK. I only lament the lack of time to root around the shop.

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